• Lemon juice and vinegar contribute acid to a dish, which livens up flavors and helps balance and complement sweet flavors.
  • Flavorings that make sweet things taste “sweeter” include vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
  • Sundried tomatos, mushrooms, soy sauce, and miso paste add a savory flavor to dishes.
  • Caramelize onions very quickly by cooking them in a dry nonstick sauté pan over medium-high heat. They will caramelize beautifully in a lot less time than with traditional methods.
  • For crispy fish skin, rest the fish on paper towels skin-side down for a few minutes before cooking (the towels absorb moisture). Then sauté skin-side down over medium heat in oil and butter. Flip over for the last few minutes of cooking.
  • Add a little lemon and lime to tuna to add zest and flavor to tuna sandwiches. Use cucumbers soaked in vinegar and pepper in sandwich instead of tomatoes. Use mustard instead of mayo to cut the fat and add a tang.
  • Instead of the water your recipe calls for, try juices, bouillon, or water you've cooked vegetables in. Instead of milk, try buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream. It can add a whole new flavor and improve nutrition.

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